Gutter Thermal Compensators

DILAFLEXTM thermal gutter expansion compensators are used to minimize the effects of stresses and movements of a building within a gutter. These movements can be caused by thermal loads, live loads such as wind, snow and earthquake or man-made loads such as vibration or cyclical load. The effects of these loads have the potential to cause damage to the building envelope and roof system by splitting, buckling or ridging.

DILAFLEXTM products are used in metal gutters to provide a watertight, flexible expansion point. The DILAFLEXTM product comes in a wide variety of metal types, the most common being: aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, lead, and stainless steel. Custom products are possible, and please contact DILAFLEXTM for details.

All standard DILAFLEXTM products can be bent and formed to a desired profile shape on site using a standard hand metal brake. No special training or equipment is required to fabricate or install the DILAFLEXTM product. DILAFLEXTM expansion compensators are designed and manufactured to be maintenance free and do not require any particular care or attention over the life span of the roof.

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